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What People Are Saying:
Every now and then a book comes along and you say to yourself ‘Holy Cow. I wish I’d had this book years ago’. Fix your Website Fast! is just one of those books.

When starting out in business there’s everything to do and usually just one or two of you trying to do everything. And that means you rely heavily upon advice from experts. And one of the people you rely upon is your web developer.

But the trouble with that is that most web developers can design you a pretty website but know nothing about how to make it effective at doing the one thing you really need your website to do: Generate leads for your business. To help you make sales. Worse still they don’t even realise it. Like most people they assume a pretty website will easily generate sales and cash in the bank for your business. You probably thought the same yourself at one time.

So if you’re not getting the leads from your website that you KNOW are out there online, you NEED this book.

In his typical no-nonsense manner Ben talks through the mistakes people make with their websites and most importantly how to fix them. You won’t like everything he says, for sure, but if you take his advice then you’ll see the results in the only place that matters – your bottom line.
In my business my clients pay me for results. Thanks to Ben’s guidance on web design that works I can give that to them

- Dr. Dev Lall FRCS, The Private Practice Expert
If you want a book that tells you how wonderful your website is then be warned, this isn't that book. We all know we need a website but most business owners don't realise what their website should actually do. Should it look pretty? Should it show off your business? Is it a place on the web for your clients to come and buy something from you? Yes and no. 

But mostly NO.

If you understand marketing then you will know your website is there to capture contact details of prospects who you drive to your website through your marketing.
Then over time you can build a relationship and sell to them. Ben gets this 100%, he understands and practices this in his own business. And after reading 'Fix Your Website Fast' you will know exactly what you need to do to turn your website from a collection of aimless pretty pictures into a lead generation machine.

That's what Ben did with my websites and I wouldn't trust anyone else.

I've wasted thousands of pounds on various websites over the years by listening to 'website builders' who were nothing more than glorified graphic designers.

All that money could have been saved if I'd had a copy of this book. Learn from my mistakes, buy this book, read this book, trust Ben and then Fix your website, FAST! It's a no brainer.
- Dom Hodgson - The UK's Leading Pet Business Coach

You know what I love about Ben’s new book ‘Fix Your Website Fast’, his pure honesty and no thrills approach to explaining why we need to pay more attention to not only the process of our websites and landing pages but also our business as a whole.

Ben understands what we all go through on a day to day basis and this book gives tons of free advice which is invaluable.

This book is a gem not only for ‘geeks’ but for every small business owner, entrepreneur, coach or speaker. If you want to generate more business, this is the book

- Bill Goss, Elite Publishing Academy
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